A Step By Step Guide to Choosing a Business Telephone System


We all know IP phone systems have revolutionized how business is conducted today. It is not business as usual if you do not have a reliable and streamlined business telephone system that synchronizes communication between crucial parties of your business.  We also know that there are reliable distributors out there who will guide you through the process of evaluating your business needs to ensure you end up with the right telephone system. Your business telephone system is the lifeline to your suppliers, partners, customers, and the outside world. Business telephone systems remain one of the most effective ways of communicating within a company and beyond the walls of that company. As such, choosing the right telephone system dubai is as important a decision to make as it is choosing your marketing plan and strategy.


The operational and financial repercussions if the wrong telephone system is chosen can never be underestimated. So, how do you go about choosing the right Yaeastar S50 IP PBX system for your business?


As is with any other important decision about your business, you must start with a staffing plan. Evaluate your business plan and decide on the number of staff members that will need a phone not just at the moment but a couple of years to come. If you are thinking of growth and expansion, no doubt you will need to work with a distributor that allows for scalability. While at it, you have to decide on the essential features that you require. For instance, will you need to have a receptionist or there will be an auto-attendant used by callers to reach certain individuals? Will there need for call forwarding and conference calling services? Is voicemail service a necessity or you can do without it? Evaluate and make a list of all the essential features that you will require. Again, your service provider should be in a position to explain in detail what each feature entails.


What is the geographical location of your company? If you have multiple locations, you may need a solution that is very different than those with a single location. Note, also that if the locations vary in size and accessibility, you may be required to purchase different types of systems for each office. The next important step is to choose your telecommunications technology carefully. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems are designed to have the phone technology mainly on a piece of hardware that accepts phone lines from different phone utility providers. VoIP, on the other hand, doesn’t use phone lines or rely on a central piece of equipment. Learn more about VoIP at https://www.britannica.com/topic-browse/Technology/Computers-Communications-and-the-Internet/Telephones.

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